Innai Keisatsu (2024)

Innai Keisatsu (2024)

Other name:院内警察 院内警察~アスクレピオスの蛇~ Innai Keisatsu: Asclepius no Hebi Innai Keisatsu: Asukurepiosu no Hebi Hospital Police Force

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Detective, Investigation, Manga, Mystery


Adapted from the manga series "Innai Keisatsu: Asclepius no Hebi" (院内警察~アスクレピオスの蛇~) written by Sakai Tsutomu (酒井義) and illustrated by Hayashi Ichi (林いち). Episodes: 10 Duration: 58 min. Episodes: 10
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